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Includes:-    Esk Group, Gatton Group, Glenore Grove Group, Laidley Group and Lowood Group


Scouting in Atkinson District has been around since before World War 2 – since 1925 in fact, although ‘Atkinson District’, as we know it today, was not formed until 1973.  It was formed through the amalgamation of two former Scouting Districts, namely ‘Brisbane Valley District’, which comprised Toogoolawah, Esk and Lowood, and ‘Lockyer Valley Boy Scouts Local Association’, comprising Laidley and Gatton. 

 Atkinson District was formed on the 27th March 1973, and formerly registered as a Scouting District as from 1st April 1973.  When first formed, Atkinson District was comprised of Gatton, Laidley, Lowood, Esk and Toogoolawah.

 Plans were put in place for a Scouting Campsite in the area as early as 1975, and Atkinson Dam seemed like a good location, having only been opened itself as a tourist attraction in 1970.  The Department of Harbours and Marine in Brisbane gave approval for a boat ramp in 1977, but  ‘Atkinson Dam Campsite’ was not officially opened until 13th March 1988.

 Forest Hill Group was part of the original Lockyer Valley Boy Scouts Local Association, but closed in the mid 1960’s.  The un-used Forest Hill Scout Den was then moved to the Atkinson Dam Campsite in the early 1970’s.  Moreton Region [Moreton ‘Area’ as it was then known] donated an extension to the building, which was erected on site by the Allawah Branch of the Baden-Powell Guild.

 A Laidley Scout, Cameron King, designed today’s Atkinson District Badge, in 1973. 

‘School’-based experimental Groups have been commenced, and have failed during the history of Atkinson District.  They are the High School-based Gatton Venturers, Primary School-based Flagstaff Creek.  The only real success story there, is Glenore Grove Scout Group, which has never looked back since it’s inception in May 1995, which operates from its Den in the grounds of the Glenore Grove State School.

Toogoolawah and most recently Fernvale, are two more Groups that have closed, but Scouting is still flourishing in Atkinson District today as keenly as it ever was, and comprises Esk, Gatton, Glenore Grove, Laidley and Lowood Groups, under the guidance of District Commissioner Mrs Irene James.


There were 19 uniformed leaders in Atkinson District in the 1973-4 ‘Scouting Year’, under the guidance of District Commissioner Mr I.A.O. Roberts.

Camp Fees in 1973 were $1.20, and District Badges were 15c each!

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